The Compass: Readers’ Manual

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Make the most of The Strategist

This manual is a guide for the new readers of The Strategist. Our intent is to build a best-in-class reading experience and maximize returns on investments of time and money for you.

gray cardinal direction compass
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We keep updating The Compass with every new feature added to the site. Drop by this post once in a while.


  1. A typical Post on The Strategist
  2. Feedback, Suggestions, Questions

A typical Post on The Strategist

We want to create useful content that is accurate, and easy to read. Some level of standardization will ensure consistency. Hence, we have developed a structure that we intend to keep improving with your feedback.

Read on to understand what a typical post looks like.

  • Excerpt & Hero Image

    You will find the key questions that a post answers listed here. Relevant images, including featured image, appear together with the excerpt.

  • Attention Economy

    Number of words in a post and its estimated reading time appear here. We value your attention and therefore keep you informed of the time investment needed to read every post.

  • The ‘Screenshort’

    TL/DR? No problem. We understand your many commitments. Hence, the ‘Screenshort’ — a summary viewable on a single smartphone screen without scrolling. Read, capture, and share!

  • Table of Contents

    A simple list of the various sections of a post. Click on any item on the list to jump to the corresponding section. Click on the ‘Back’ button at the end of the section to get back to the list.

  • Body

    Our posts are generally divided into small, readable sections. In addition to the text, most sections have images and charts to drive the intended messages home.

  • Signup

    Every post carries a mailing list signup form, embedded after the first section of the post’s body. Sign up by providing your email. We mail once a week, if that. You can opt out at any time.

  • Conclusions

    Each post end with a dedicated conclusion. This section summarizes the key takeaways, lays out the next steps and makes connections to other ongoing areas of research on The Strategist.

Feedback, Suggestions, Questions

Enrich our content with your valuable comments and builds. You can also suggest us new areas to explore or solicit our view. Questions are similarly welcome.

Our mission is ambitious and your feedback is necessary for success. Here’s how you can help us —

  • End of Content

    You can provide feedback on specific posts/pages by using the Comment section at the end. To comment, login using an approved social media account, or simply provide a valid email.

  • Floating Feedback

    Every post on The Strategist has a floating feedback button. It stays in place, at the bottom right, when you scroll. That means it’s always visible, making it super easy for you to reach out to us.

  • E-Mail

    You can reach out to us via email also. Write to us here with a relevant subject. An appropriate subject is important so we can categorize and prioritize your message correctly.

  • Social Media

    Interact with us on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter. Access these links via the social menu at your screen’s top right corner — a horizontal bar (phones), or a vertical sidebar (other devices).