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The Strategist

The Mission

The Strategist brings compelling insights to life for founders, leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts alike, once every week (at least). Follow us on LinkedIn.

The Areas

We primarily cover international supply chains & footprint strategy, white spaces & emerging markets, and futures & scenarios. Our current pivot is FMCG.

The Format

This is a long-form blog. Lexicon is essential and will be detailed from time to time. We shun buzzwords and unnecessary constructs. E.g., ‘deaveraging’ has no place here. It’s ‘segmentation,’ so let’s call it that.


We appreciate your many interests and asks on time. Therefore, we include in each of our posts a ‘Screenshort’ — a summary viewable on a single smartphone screen without scrolling. Read, capture, and share!

The Approach

This blog is styled as ‘literature for leaders.’ Since it is meant to be thought-provoking, you will find convergent analyses AND purposeful deviations. Many times, but not always, we follow the maxim of ‘insight over ideas.’

The Proposition

Ignite your strategic thinking, get an ‘outside in’ viewpoint, inspire your next big idea, access valuable resources, or simply peruse interesting reads. It’s dining out, but for food for thought.

The Credits

We are flying on WordPress and Hive. Icons are from the Noun Project. Unless otherwise stated, illustrations are sourced from Absurd Design and images from WordPress, courtesy of Pexels.

The Experience: Devices

Read this blog on any device of your choice. Hive’s design is responsive and adapts to any size or format, ensuring that you have a consistent experience across desktop screens, tablets, and phones.

The Experience: Apps

Access this blog in a browser or as an app. We recommend Firefox for its privacy-first agenda. For an app-based experience, download WordPress on any device and log in.

The Author

Thirty-something storyteller with nearly a decade’s experience building supply chains – from minerals to mayo, from toothpaste to tea. Ex-FMCG. A one-time coal miner. Unaffiliated, unsponsored, and unbiased.

The Connect

The Strategist has an ambitious mission, and success is contingent on collaboration. Your questions, ideas, feedback, counterpoints, corrections, and suggestions are welcome! We are just a comment or an email away.