In our second Monday Morning Mint, we develop a possible future at the confluence of growing geopolitical polarization, rising protectionism, and the calls for re-shoring of critical supply chains. How might such a world impact your business?

This post introduces our new weekly column, the Monday Morning Mints. Also included is the first mint — a possible future involving Israel, Iran, and the US drawdown. How might it impact your business?

When the winds of change blow, some build walls, others windmills. What does this proverb mean for the modern organization? Are walls always bad? Are windmills always good? How do successful organizations navigate change? Read on to find out.

The Future ain’t what it used to be. What does this famous Yogi-isms mean for organizations today? Why predicting the future is so difficult? Why must we imagine different worlds? And why one of our six keystone areas, here on The Strategist, is FUTURES? Read on to find out more.