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A wide range of tools on strategy, business, & leadership. Tap the images below to learn more about the individual categories. Read this post for examples.



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What is Curata?

Curata is an online catalog of credible data, tools, and frameworks sourced from international institutions, think tanks, academia, and the like.

Think of Curata as the Yellow Pages for discovering and making sense of opportunities in our complex, uncertain world.

We use a number of these resources in our own research and consulting at The Strategist. These resources also include some of our original works.

Why have you collected these resources?

Our fundamental purpose at The Strategist is to help founders, leaders, and innovators uncover compelling insights about their work. That process begins with research.

A common myth is that research costs big bucks. Nothing can be further from the truth in this age of data democratization and the explosion of effective visualization tools.

While the final stages of enterprise decision-making often require proprietary studies that can cost a lot, robust business hypotheses can now be developed for chump change.

This is due to ever-increasing access to information from reputed institutions and organizations around the world.

We have carefully collected and thoughtfully organized resources in Curata to help you take the necessary first steps in researching your questions on business, leadership, and strategy.

Discover your next with Curata!

What's the best use of these tools?

These tools are best used to develop hypotheses on new opportunities and white spaces that can then be tested by field work and proprietary studies.

The information compiled here will also help you in thinking critically of the many things affecting your business, and in calibrating your viewpoint as external environment evolves rapidly.

What areas or topics are covered under Curata?

We cover a wide variety of topics pertaining to strategy, business, & leadership.

These include sustainability, international trade & indicators thereof, global health, COVID-19, consumer insights, personal assessments, and strategic frameworks.

We have chosen these topics because we believe they represent a good combination of immediate and long-term priorities for businesses worldwide.

You can click on the image tiles in the Catalog section to find out more about the various categories under Curata catalog.

Who develops and maintains these resources?

We catalog data, tools, & frameworks developed and maintained by a number of international organizations (e.g., the World Bank), think tanks (e.g., RAND corporation), academia (e.g., the NYU), and the like.

The organizations/entities/creators who create, develop, and maintain the resources cataloged under Curata retain their ownership and copyright of the resources.

You may have to compensate them separately for using some of these tools. We strongly recommend you cite them when using the tools for your purposes.

Who is responsible for the accuracy of the resources?

Though the responsibility for the accuracy of these resources rests with the organizations/entities/creators who own, create, develop, and maintain them, we annotate these resources for freshness, accuracy, & bias from time to time.

Are these resources free?

Most of the resources we test and catalog are free or have a substantially useful free version.

However, invariably, there will be tools that may require you to pay a fee to their creators. Such resources are clearly called out in the relevant sections.

There is also a small annual subscription fee that you pay us for maintaining Curata.

Why should I pay you for other people's work?

Trawling the web for credible information, demonstrating the use of these tools in case studies, publishing innovative application ideas, annotating the resources for freshness, accuracy & bias, and maintaining this website is a job unto itself.

That’s what you are paying for when you subscribe to Curata. Hence the small non-refundable annual subscription fee.

You are NOT paying us for the third-party resources we compile. The ownership of these resources rests with the organizations/entities/creators who create, develop, and maintain them.

Can I get a free trial?

We are NOT providing any free trials currently. You can read this post on our blog for some examples of the type of tools you can expect in the catalog.

We are, however, currently giving a substantial discount on our annual subscription. That introductory offer is valid until December 31, 2021.

If you follow The Strategist on LinkedIn or Instagram and were among our first 100 followers on those platforms, you can avail of the introductory offer until February 15, 2022.

So if you miss the December 15, 2021 deadline, just write to us with links to your LinkedIn and/or Instagram profiles.

What do I get with my subscription?

When you subscribe to Curata, you get full access to out catalog of online datasets, dashboards, & tools. We add new resources every month.

More importantly, you get exclusive access to —

  1. our practical demonstrations, original case studies, and innovative ideas on applications of the listed tools;
  2. our expert annotations on freshness, accuracy, & bias of these resources — information that is critical for conducting robust analyses.

Since we use these same tools in our analyses, from time to time we will also link back to insightful posts on our blog to demonstrate certain use cases.

Some resources may require you to pay for access. That access is NOT included with your Curata subscription. You must pay for that separately to the organizations/entities/creators responsible for these tools.

Unless otherwise stated, your Curata subscription does NOT extend to other parts of The Strategist website.

Do you offer Corporate or Academic Subscriptions?


Just email us your requirements (e.g. number of people, nature of work, name of organization) from your work or institutional id and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

What subscriber data do you store?

We store data in accordance with our Privacy Policy that you can access here. You will also find Data processing Addendums (DPAs) from our third-party providers on our Privacy Policy page.

Some tools may require you to register at the websites that host them. In such cases, the privacy policies of those websites will apply. We encourage you to refer to those policies on your own.

If you have any additional concerns, please do not hesitate to email us.

How will I know about updates or changes to the resources?

We post news about updates & changes to resources on Curata on our LinkedIn page. Follow us for that and more!

You can also visit the catalog from time to time to check for updates. However such changes will only be visible to Curata subscribers.

We do NOT send out a newsletter and have no plans to do so for Curata.

Can I request for or recommend tools & topics?

Sure! Please feel free to do so by posting on our LinkedIn page or by writing us an email.

We are happy to consider recommendations as well as requests for tools IF they are relevant to our purpose at Curata and The Strategist.

To be featured in the Curata catalog, the resources that you recommend, or we find in response to your request, must meet our standards on usability and access.

How do I get more support?

If you have more questions about Curata, are facing issues in subscribing or accessing the catalog pages, or have specific queries about a listed resource, please write to us via email.

We respond within 24 hours.

Can you do some analyses for me using these tools?

We offer a separate, paid consulting service at The Strategist.

The best way to discuss what you have in mind is to write to us via email. We respond within 24 hours.

$20* / year

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